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Upcoming SCCR Meetings

34th Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights 
The 34th SCCR is scheduled to take place from 1st May to 5th May, 2017 at the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. The deliberations of the Proposed Treaty for the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations will take place during the course of one week.

Asia - Pacifc Broadcasting Union welcomes the textual proposal made by the Hon'ble Delegation of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico (SCCR/33/5) on the Draft Broadcasters Treaty made prior to the 33rd SCCR. We strongly endorse the proposal for finalizing the Broadcasters' Treaty by convening a Diplomatic Conference in the Spring of 2018. As broadcasters in the Asia - Pacific region are rapidly transmitting their signals on the internet, it is utmost important that their online signals are protected. Therefore, for any meaningful international protection for a broadcasters signals it is imperative that the Broadcasters' Treaty be technologically neutral. 

Documents Related to 34th SCCR
For the draft agenda of the SCCR, click

For the Revised Consolidated Text on the Proposed Treaty for the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations, click here.  

For the Background Note to 34th SCCR, click here
For the WBU - WIPO Joint Declaration on the Broadcasters Treaty, click here.  

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