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Summary of the Previous Meetings

33rd WIPO SCCR (14-18 November 2016, WIPO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland)

The 33rd Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights (SCCR) was held from November 14th till November 18th, 2016 at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland. It was opened by Ms. Sylvie Forbin, Deputy Director General who welcomed everyone. Mr Martin Moscoso Villacorta served as the Chair while Ms. Michele Woods acted as the Secretary.

The first two and half days and half of the last day of the meeting week deliberated upon the Treaty for the Protection of Broadcasting Organizations while the other days during the week were reserved for limitation and exceptions for libraries and archives and for educational and research institutions and for persons with other disabilities.

 The documents related to the Broadcasters Treaty were SCCR/27/2 REV., SCCR/27/6, SCCR/30/5 , SCCR/31/3, SCCR/32/3, SCCR/33/3 and SCCR/33/5 and informal charts and non – papers prepared by the Chair. The negotiations on the Broadcasters Treaty made some progress with the submission of document SCCR/33/5 titled, “Note on the Draft Treaty to Protect Broadcasting Organizations” submitted by the delegation of Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. The proposal calls for streamlining the discussions of the revised and consolidated text with the aim of convening of Diplomatic Conference in the Spring of 2018. It also provides clarifications to certain outstanding legal and technical issues such as the scope of the application of the Treaty and the protection of deferred transmissions.    

Some delegations requested further clarifications on the proposal submitted by Argentina, Colombia and Mexico (SCCR/33/5). Document SCCR/33/5 was discussed in informal sessions of the Committee. The Committee will continue discussions in the next SCCR based on a revised version of the document SCCR 33/3 taking into account the textual proposals and clarifications mad during the session regarding definitions, object of protection and rights to be granted.         

The ABU was represented at the WIPO by Dr. Yan Bo (Deputy Director, Copyright and Legal Affairs Office CCTV – China and Chairperson of ABU IPLC), Masataka Hirano( NHK - Japan) , Mr. Nawaz Dookhee (ABU Legal Manager) and Ms. Seemantani Sharma (ABU Legal and Intellectual Property Services Officer). The ABU had a constructive meeting with the delegations of the Asia – Pacific Group, which is being headed by India for the time being. Further, active interventions were made during the SCCR deliberations on the Broadcasters Treaty by Dr. Yan Bo on behalf of ABU.    

With the conclusion of the 33rd SCCR, Mr Martin Moscoso Villacorta of Peru, who served as the Chair of the SCCR came to an end. The next SCCR (34th) will take place from May 1st to May 5th, 2017. 

32nd WIPO SCCR (9 - 13th May 2016, WIPO HQ, Geneva, Switzerland)

In his opening speech, Mr Francis Gurry, Director General of WIPO stated that the SCCR has long been on the WIPO agenda and he expects to see some progress soon. At this session, a new non-governmental organisation, the Canadian Museum of History (CMH), was approved as an accredited SCCR observer.

The discussion centred on the protection of broadcasting organisations in the first half of the 5-day conference. The documents related to this agenda item were SCCR/27/2/REV, SCCR/27/6, SCCR/30/5, SCCR/31/3 and SCCR/32/3 as well as informal charts and non-papers prepared by the Chair, Mr Martin Moscoso Villacorta of Peru.

The Committee welcomed and considered document SCCR/32/3 prepared by the Chair, entitled Revised Consolidated Text on Definitions, Object of Protection, and Rights to be Granted. The Committee requested the Chair to consider the textual proposals and clarifications made during the session with respect to the definitions and the object of protection with a view to integrating them in document 32/3, which will continue to be discussed in the next meeting scheduled to be held from 14 - 18 November 2016.

Other matters discussed in the 32nd session were limitations and exceptions, the Proposal for Analysis of Copyright Related to the Digital Environment, Document SCCR/31/4 submitted by the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries (GRULAC) and the Resale Rights (droit de suite) document SCCR/31/5 submitted by Senegal and Congo. The Chair concluded that these matters will be on the agenda for the next SCCR session to be held in November 2016.                                                                              .

Although some members supported the Chair's proposal for an extra session exclusively dedicated to discussion on the Protection of Broadcasting Organisations, the matter did not receive unanimous support and was therefore disregarded. Some members, especially the European Union (EU), considered it premature to hold sessions in addition to the ordinary sessions of the Committee. 

The ABU was represented at the 32nd SCCR by Mr Yan BO (CCTV- China), Chairman of the Copyright Committee, Mr Ichinohashi (NHK -Japan), Mr Suranga (Maharaja TV-Sri Lanka) and Mr Nawaz Dookhee (ABU Legal Manager). The delegation had a working session prior to the SCCR on Sunday at the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Headquarters together with delegates from ARIPI - Alliance of Latin American Intellectual Property Broadcasters and NABA- North American Broadcasters Association. 

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