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Loudness Management

As a new initiative, the ABU Technology Department wish to updates its members on the latest developments in loudness management. These Loudness Management contributions are from ABU members and worldwide which they wish to share with us.

  1. TVNZ in New Zealand reported its parameters and guidance to TVNZ clients as follows which are available on ‘public domain’.  TVNZ  has contributed to the following document, along with other NZ broadcasters: “Technical Standards and Documentation Guide for the Delivery of Television Commercials” which can be accessed at:


This includes a section on the New Zealand loudness requirements. 

See Appendix 2  “Measurement and Management of Loudness for New Zealand Television Broadcasting”  (page 22)

Also on Audio page 8 Section 1.3.8 to 1.3.10 ‘Audio levels and loudness”

New Zealand loudness requirements are aligned with Free TV  Australia’s OP 59 – Issue 2.

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